Mentor Courses - Why Choose Us?

There are many commercial courses to help you prepare for
medical finals. It can be a stressful time knowing whether to go on
a course and which course to choose.

Mentor Courses aspires to provide a learning experience which is
different from what others can offer by focussing on the time you
have with the examiner and how to best prepare.
  • OSCE Technique in Small Groups
  • One to One Examiner Feedback
  • Focussed High Yield Cases
  • Honing Presentation Skills
  • Perfecting Viva Technique
  • Consultation Skills Practice
  • OSCE accredited medical role players
Mentor Courses provides invaluable insight from an experienced Senior OSCE
Examiner and Course Organiser.

Mentor OSCE Plus is the flagship course for OSCE preparation. Numbers are
strictly limited to a maximum 20 in number to allow for small group work and
individual 1-1 in OSCE presentation practice, viva questions, role play and
feedback throughout the duration of the course. Professional role players who are
involved in OSCE exams are recruited for this course. Mentor OSCE Plus will suit
students who wish to learn through repeated simulation and critique by Dr Giam of
their presentation, problem solving and viva skills. The course is also suitable for
doctors preparing for the UKFPO Clinical Assessments.

Mentor OSCE Esssentials is a focused interactive lecture based approach to
medical final OSCEs covering high yield physical stations over core and speciality
systems. Dr Giam will share his top tips to consolidate OSCE technique,
presentation skills and approach to focused history taking / communication
stations. There will be opportunity for vivas if students wish to experience the
examination under simulated conditions. The course runs in conjunction with the

Please note that there are no real patients recruited for this course.
Mentor OSCE does not focus on teaching examination skills but on the time spent
when faced with examiner questions.

Mentor Courses also runs MRCGP preparation courses details of which can be
found under
Mentor MRCGP Courses - Dr Nigel Giam

Our ethos is simple - to provide a fun, focussed and personal course tailored to
your learning needs and to prepare you for finals and beyond.
  • Crash Course Agendas
  • Spoon Feeding
  • Didactic Lectures
  • Handout Overload
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